Nighon released a new video with a strong message!

Nighon released a second single “The Dirge” from their upcoming album “The Somme” which is released May 5th 2017 by Inverse Records.

We have released a new video with a strong message. The song “The Dirge” raises the question: “Why do we have wars?”. They are horrible and the majority of mankind seems to despise it. The song was inspired by the annexation of Crimea, the Vietnam war and the Korean war. Björn: “The lyrics I wrote tells us about the consequences of letting our hate spin out of control, and when governments twist lies into truths to justify war!

Video is available here:

and the single is also released on all essential digital stores like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, etc.

Their first single/music video “The Greatest of Catastrophes” is a blend of the outbreak of World War I and the Ukraine crisis. The music video was filmed during the winter 2016 by Kasper DalkarlDavid Viklund and Stephanie Blomqvist. Listen to it on Spotify.

Track list:
01. Marseille 1914
02. The Greatest Of Catastrophes
03. The Dirge
04. Lest We Forget
05. Medic
06. Blow Them To Hell
07. Altafjord
08. Scharnhorst
09. Reclaiming Ravenpoint
10. You Do Not Know What The Night May Bring
11. Minor Secundus
12. Tragédie
13. I Fear For Tomorrow
14. Somme

Nico Häggblom – Vocals
Alva Sandström – Vocals
Björn Johansson – Guitar
Michael Mikander – Lead Guitar
Mats Ödahl – Bass
Mika Paananen – Drums
The Somme (Album 2017)
The Greatest Of Catastrophes (Single 2017)
Ex Tenebris Lux (Single 2015)
Cor Oblivionis (Album 2014)



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