Playlist 31-03-2023

Moonsorrow For whom the bell tolls Metallica
Iced Earth Highway to hell AC/DC
Bewitched Born to be wild Steppenwolf
Amorphis Light my fire The Doors
Banging Rush Light my fire The Doors
Red Wine The mirror in your eyes Rage
WASP Paint it black The Rolling Stones
Demons & Wizards White room Cream
Clawfinger Vienna Ultravox
Embraced Big in japan Alphaville
Killswitch Engage Holy diver Dio
Debauchery Kings of metal Manowar
Sentenced Creep Radiohead
Gamma Ray Look at yourself Uriah Heep
Panzerballet Thunderstruck AC/DC
Battery Du hast Rammstein
Apocalyptica Helden (Heroes) David Bowie
Celtic Frost Heroes David Bowie
Novembre Cloudbusting Kate Bush
Rhapsody Of Fire Flash of the blade Iron Maiden
Fireball Ministry Doctor doctor UFO
Dungeon Queen of the reich Queensryche
Stahlhammer U can’t touch this MC Hammer
The Dillinger Escape Plan My michelle Guns and Roses
Thy Diseas Frozen Madonna
The Wounded Smells like teen spirit Nirvana

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