Playlist 30-09-2016

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Metal Warehouse 30-09-2016

Heaven Below Death batallion Good morning apocalypse
Metallica Moth into flame Hardwired… to self-destruct
Blackened recordings
Alter Bridge Poison in your veins The last hero
Crobot Right between the eyes Welcome to fat city
Nuclear blast
Sumerlands Timelash Sumerlands
Motorowl Old mans maze Om generator
Century media
Ghost Square hammer Popestar
Pain A wannabe Coming home
Nuclear blast
Attila Public apology Chaos
The Amity Affliction Fight my regret This could be heartbreak
Heaven Shall Burn Bring the war home Wanderer
Century media
Thränenkind Smokestacks and concrete walls King apathy
Necromancing The Stone The old one Jewel of the vile
Metal blade
Coroner Masked jackal Autopsy
Century media
Darkness Freedom on parole The gasoline solution
High roller
Kayser One man army IV: Beyond the reef of sanity
Blood Diamond The heckler Saviours
Self released
Asphyx Incoming death Incoming death
Century media
Sisters Of Suffocation Host of a dead fetus Brtual queen
Self released
Vader Parabellum Iron times
Nuclear blast
Devilment Under the thunder II – the mephisto waltzes
Nuclear blast
Insomnium Winter’s gate Winter’s gate
Century media
Epica Edge of the blade The holographic principle
Nuclear blast
Charred Walls Of The Damned Tear me down Ceatures watching over the dead
Metal blade
Hammer King For god and the king Kingdom of the hammer king
Cruz del sur

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