Playlist 22-06-2018

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Metal Warehouse 22-06-2018
Beyond The Black – Heart of the hurricane
Trillium – Stand up
Elvenstorm – Chaos from beyond
Doro – All for metal
Lizzy Borden – My midnight things
Tad Morose – I am night
Dee Snider – Tomorrow’s no concern
Lion’s Share – Another desire
Null’O’Zero – Decline the legacy
Refuge – Man in the ivory tower
Tremonti – Take you with me
Godsmack – Bulletproof
Nils Patrick Johansson – Evil deluxe
Temple Balls – Whole lotta rosie

Hatchet – Where futures regress
Manticora – Echoes of a silent scream
Megadeth – Built for war
Ghostship Octavius – Mills of the gods
Sault – Save myself
Tesseract – Juno
As I Lay Dying – My own grave
Madball – Rev up
Sick Of It All – Road less travelled
Throwdown – This continuum
Pantera – By demons be driven
Meshiaak – Chronicles of the dead
Machine Head – Catharsis

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