Playlist 20-08-2021

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Metal Warehouse 20-08-2021

Soen Thurifer Lotus
Silever lining
Dream Theater The alien A view from the top of the world
Fractal Universe A clockwork expectation The impassable horizon
Metal blade
Burning Point Arsonist of the soul Arsonist of the soul
Paradox Buying a treasure Heresy II, end of a legend
Godslave From driven Positive aggressive
Space Chaser The immortal Give us life
Metal blade
Manimal Armageddon Armageddon
KK’s Priest Hellfire thunderbolt Sermons of the sinner
Steel Rhino Bells of midnight Steel rhino
Killing Straight out of kattegat Face the madness
Mighty music
Destruction Nailed to the cross Live attack
Tol Morwen Terror of rome Terror of rome
Self released
Seethin Akira Smile thief Smile thief
Fixt radium
Our Mirage Through the night Through the night
Arising empire
Blind Channel Balboa Balboa
Century media
TheCityIsOurs Violent Coma
Arising empire
Lorna Shore To the hellfire …and I return to nothingness
Century media
Sepultura (feat. Matthew Heavy) Slave new world Sepulquarta
Nuclear blast
When At Night Past silent lament Weltanschauung
Self released
Erdve Votis Savigaila
Season of mist

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