Playlist 20-05-2022

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Metal Warehouse 20-05-2022

Avantasia The wicked rule the night
Anvil Don’t look back
All Things Fallen Rebirth
Circle Of Silence At war with yourself
Alestorm Party
Tyr Hold the heathen hammer high
Soilwork Övergivenheten
Simulakra Follow the flies
Lockjaw Breaking point
Elyne Call it home
Ambrius Self reflection
The Halo Effect Days of the lost
Municipal Waste High speed steel
Hatriot Forceful balance
Soulfly Superstition
Bleed From Within Flesh and stone
Misery Index Rites of cruelty
Origin Chaosmos
Jungle Rot Beyond the grave
Denomination Cleansing flames
Caliban Phantom pain
Kreator Midnight sun
Lionsoul Wailing in red
Mob Rules Sacred heart
Rammstein Adieu

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