Playlist 17-06-2022

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Metal Warehouse 17-06-2022

Kaledon The dawn of dawns
Helloween Best time
Seven Kingdoms A silent remedy
Stratovarius Survive
Beyond The Black Reincarnation
Exteme Play with me
Nordic Union In every waking hour
Sunstorm Brothers in arms
Sinner Brotherhood
Memoremains Empire
Avatarium God is silent
Any Given Day Wind of change
Venom Inc. Don’t feed me your lies
Soilwork Nous sommes la guerre
Crowned In Blood A damned generation
In Flames State of slow decay
The Halo Effet Feel what I believe
Soulfly Scouring the vile
Lamb Of God Nevermore
Caliban Dystopia
Machine Head Choke on the ashes of your hate
Ewig.Endlich. Grau
Astronoid Sedative

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