Playlist 15-07-2022

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Metal Warehouse 15-07-2022

Zarraza Raining blood
Exul Rise again
Idol Throne Unholy warrior
Sinner We came to rock
Megadeth We’ll be back
Tad Morose Pandemonium
Beyond The Black Reincarnation
Crowned In Blood Burn it down
KK’s Priest Hellfire thunderbolt
Amken Somewhere past the burning sun
Nergard Blood red skies
Arch Enemy Handshake with hell
Trauma Walk away
Ambrius Self reflection
The Hirvi Violence stays in fashion
Toxik Hyper reality
Lamb Of God Nevermore
Machine Head Choke on the ashes of your hate
Caliban Phantom pain
Astronoid Orchid
Russian Circles Conduit

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