Playlist 15-02-2019

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Metal Warehouse 15-02-2019

Psychopunch Down in flames We are just as welcome as holy water in satan’s drink
Thundermother Da igual (Whatever) Da igual single
Queensryche Man the machine The verdict
Century media
Dream Theater Paralysed Distance of time
Steel Prophet Crucify The god machine
Rock of angels
Iron Savior Roaring Thunder Kill or get killed
Avantasia Book of shallows Moonglow
Nuclear blast
Athanasia The order of the silver compass The order of the silver compass
Rock of angels
Clawfinger Warfair Deaf dumb blind
Metal blade
Any Given Day Loveless Overpower
Arising empire
Enemy Inside Phoenix Phoenix
Rock of angels
Whitesnake Shut up & kiss me Flesh and blood
Fifth Angel Stars are falling The third secret
Nuclear blast
Pristine Sinnerman Road back to ruin
Nuclear blast
Indestructible Noise Command Bone saw ballet Terrible things
Self released
Dying Gorgeous Lies We are the apocalypse The hunter and the prey
Flotsam And Jetsam Demolition man The end of chaos
Manticora Through the eyes of the killer – Towering over you To kill to live to kill
Browbeat The labor blackmail Remove the control
Sick Of It All That crazy white boy bullshit Wake the sleeping dragon
Fat wreck chords
Madball Evil Ways (feat. Ice-T) For the cause
Nuclear blast
Insanity Alert I come / I fuck shit up / I leave 666-pack
Season of mist
Misery Index The choir invisible Rituals of power
Season of mist
Sisters Of Suffocation Humans are broken Humans are broken
Vanir Thor – The powerhead Allfather
Amon Amarth Destroyer of the universe The pursuit of vikings – 25 years in the eye of the storm
Metal blade
Rotting Christ Fire god and fear The heretics
Season of mist
In Flames Burn I, the mask
Nuclear blast

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