Playlist 14-02-2020

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Metal Warehouse 14-02-2020

Ozzy Osbourne It’s a raid Ordinary man
Ross The Boss Glory of the slain Born of fire
Bailout Road to redemption Road to redemption
Self released
Nightwish Noise Human :||: nature
Nuclear blast
Archon Angel The serpent Fallen
Psychotic Waltz Stranded The god-shaped void
Deathwhite In eclipse Grave image
Season of mist
Demons & Wizards Wolves in winter III
Century media
Nightfear A better world Apocalypse
Rage Higher then the sky Wings of rage
Kreator Fallen brother London apocalypticon – Live at the roundhouse
Nuclear blast
God Dethroned Interview, deel 1/3
God Dethroned Illuminati Illuminati
Metal blade
Dark Fortress The spider in the web Spectres from the old world
Century media
Kvelertak Crack of doom Splid
Endless Forms Most Gruesome The watchers Endless forms most gruesome
Suicide Silence Feel alive Become the hunter
Nuclear blast
Napalm Death Logic ravaged by brute force Logic ravaged by brute force
Century media
Blaze Of Perdition Transmutations of sins The harrowing of hearts
Metal blade
Sepultura Capital enslavement Quadra
Nuclear blast
Testament Night of the witch Titans of creation
Nuclear blast

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