Playlist 09-02-2024

Mercyful Fate A dangerous meeting
Attic Darkest rites
Saxon Pirates of the airwaves
Kerry King Idle hands
Morbid Saint Bleed them dry
Dust Bolt I witness
Crippled Fingers Out of time
Zeke Sky Woe of kings
Savaged Tons of leather
Byron The lotus covenant
Sonata Arctica Dark empath
Jenner Down in the pit
Bruce Dickinson Rain on the graves
Masterplan Rise again
Rage Under a black crown
Baest Colossus
Torchia There’s a witch among us
The Halo Effect Become surrender
Dark Haven The deceiver
In Vain For the fallen
Persifone The equable
Vivienne Cure Exhale
Bipolar Architecture Disillusioned

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