Playlist 06-11-2020

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Metal Warehouse 06-11-2020

Five Finger Death Punch Livig the dream F8
Better noise
Alter Bridge Last rites Walke the sky 2.0
Black Stone Cherry Don’t bring me down The human condition
The Cult Of Destiny I was made for loving you The cult of destiny
Them Waken Return to hemmersmoor
Self released
Accuser Misled obedience Accuser
Metal blade
Hellspike Fallen empire Lords of war
Metal on metal
Mr.Bungle Anarchy up your anus The raging wrath of the easter bunny demo
Sacred Reich Sacred reich Ignorance
Metal blade
Megadeth Captive honour Countdown to extinction
Evildead The descending United $tate$ of anarchy
Chainbreäker Nightstalker Relentless night
Metal on metal
Solitary I will not tolerate The truth behind the lies
Harlott Prime evil Detritus of the final age
Metal blade
Wreck-Defy Freedomless speech Powers that be
Self released
Messiah Fracmont Fracmont
High roller
Bad News Bohemian rhapsody Bad news
Sepultura Tainted love Tainted love
Som livre
Carcass Slaughtered in soho Despicable
Nuclear blast
Soilwork The nothingness and the devil A whisp of the atlantic
Nuclear blast
Höst Wolfkid The heart of october
Self released
Enslaved Homebound Utgard
Nuclear blast
Draconian Lustrous heart Under a godless veil

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