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Metal Warehouse 06-07-2018

Ministry We’re tired of it Amerikkkant
Nuclear blast
Hanzel Und Gretyl Unter alles Satanik germanik
Alien Weaponry Holding my breath Tu
Tornado Global pandemic Commitment to excellence
Extreme metal music
Trauma From here to hell As the world dies
The orchard
Manticora Through the eyes of the killer – towering over you To kill to live to kill
Gus G. Letting go Fearless
Halestorm Uncomfortable Vicious
Five Finger Death Punch Fire in the hole And justice for none
Eleven seven
Motorjesus Burning black Race to resurrection
Armory Hyperion The search
High roller
Zeke Goin’ down Hellbender
The Hayleys I like brazil Raato
Black Tusk Burn the stars TCBT
Season of mist
Like A Storm Hole in my heart Catacombs
Century media
As I Lay Dying My own grave My own grave single
Metal blade
Bleed From Within Cast down Era
Century media
Caliban This is war Elements
Century media
Madball The fog For the cause
Nuclear blast
Bad Wolves Learn to live Disobey
Eleven seven
3rd Machine 9 years of war 9 years of war single
Self released
Marduk The last fallen Viktoria
Century media
Immortal Gates to blashyrkh Northern chaos gods
Nuclear blast
Sear Bliss Seven springs Letterd=s from the edge
Dimmu Borgir I am sovereign Eonian
Nuclear blast

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