Playlist 06-04-2018

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Metal Warehouse 06-04-2018

Manacle Witches hallow No fear to persevere
No remorse
Black Cyclone Falling star Death is king
Gates of hell
Agent Steel Agents of steel Skeptics apocalypse
Century media
Distillator Swarm intelligence Split w/ Space chaser
Accuser Ruthless The maastery
Metal blade
Axegressor Bridges to cross and burn Bannerless
Godslave Foll force forward Reborn again
Green zone
Ektomorf The prophet of doom Fury
Portrait Beast of fire Crimen laesae majestatis divinae
Metal blade
Visigoth Blades in the night Conqueror’s oath
Metal blade
Tomorrow’s Outlook Through shuttered eyes A voice unheard
Battlegod prod.
Leather Hidden in the dark II
High roller
Primordial Where lie the gods Exile amongst the ruin
Metal blade
Legend Of The Seagullmen The orca Legend of the seagullmen
Dine alone
Baroness The birthing Red album
Solstice To sol a thane White horse hill
Self released
Pallbearer Thorns Heartless
Profound lore
Barren Earth Scatterprey A complex of cages
Century media
The Absence The alpha illusion A gift for the obsessed
Thunderwar Woodland spirit Wolfpack
Dark Tranquillity Faithless by default Atoma
Century media

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