Playlist 06-03-2020

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Metal Warehouse 06-03-2020

Audrey Horne Redemption blues Waiting for the night live
Pretty Maids Future world Maid In Japan – Future World Live 30th Anniversary
Biff Byford World collide The school of hard knocks
Silver lining
Demons & Wizards Split III
Century media
Wolf Mass confusion Feeding the machine
Century media
Gotthard Bad news #13
Nuclear blast
Allen/Olzon Lost soul Worlds apart
Volturian The killing joke Crimson
Amaranthe Do or die Do or die
Nuclear blast
Body Count Ace of spades Carnivore
Century media
The Prophecy 23 Pump it up Fresh metal
Hatebreed When the blade drops When the blade drops
Nuclear blast
Exhorder The man that never was The man that never was
Nuclear blast
Deadrisen For whome the bell tolls Deadrisen
Psychotic Waltz All the bad men The god-shaped void
My Dying Bride Tiresd of tears The ghost of orion
Nuclear blast
Endless Forms Most Gruesome A thousand years in hell Endless forms most gruesome
Irist Severed Order of the mind
Nuclear blast
Nemesis Living dead people The war is on
Grom records
Neaera Resurrection of wrath Neaera
Metal blade
Sepultura Means to an end Quadra
Nuclear blast
Sylosis Idle hands Cycle of suffering
Nuclear blast
Testament Night of the witch Titans of creation
Nuclear blast

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