Playlist 22-12-2023

Sator – Ring, ring
Underground Moon – Beds are burning
Mötley Crüe – Street fighting man
Fear Factory – Enter sandman
Hammerfall – Breaking the law
Cradle Of Filth – Mr. Crowley
Fallen Empire – The exorcist
Eighteen Visions – Paradise city
Helloween – Rain
Morifade – Judas
Metallica – So what
Battery – Bück dich

Dragonforce – Rebellion
Tankard – Son of a bitch
Devlin – White wedding
Vision Divine – Take on me
Locomotive Breath – Highway to hell
Fates Warning – Sign of the southern cross
Forsaken – Neon knights
Iron Savior – Neon knights
Freedom Call – Dancing with tears in my eyes
Bloodstone – Ziggy stardust
Arch Enemy – Kill with power
At Vance – Eye of the tiger

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Playlist 15-12-2023

Dream Theater – Pull me under
Judas Priest – Trial by fire
Bloodbound – Drink with the gods
Savatage – Edge of thorns
Symphony X – Set the world on fire
Angra – Ride the storm
Todd La Torre – Darkened majesty
Dee Snider – Down but never out
Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy confessions
Light The Torch – Calm before the storm

Dark Tranquillity – The wonders at your feet
Soilwork – Sadistic lullabye
Nail Within – Eyes of evil
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Mastodon – Blood and thunder
Paradise Lost – The longest winter
Nailed To Obscurity – Black frost
Primordial – Where greater men have fallen
Heidevolk – Klauwen vooruit
Nervosa – Behind the wall
Exodus – Blacklist

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Playlist 08-12-2023

Alter Bridge – Watch your words
Helmet – Gun fluf
NeverSanity – The wild hunt
Powerstorm – Burning eyes
Bloody Hammers – A night to dismember
Alice Cooper – White line frankenstein
Ozzy Osbourne – Straight to hell
Pretty Maids – Kingmaker
Volbeat – Becoming
Mors Principium Est – Livin la vida loca
Blind Guardian – Violent shadows
Burning Witches – World on fire

Dust Bolt – Shed my skin
Nervosa – Ungrateful
Fallen Utopia – Artificial life creation
Onslaught – Bow down to the clowns
Sodom – Let’s fight in the darkness of hell
Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
The Halo Effect – A truth worth lying for
Hinayana – The answer
Rammstein – Radio
The Monolith Deathcult – Fist of stalin
Aeolian – Dreams of reality
Prong – Age of defiance
Bad Wolves – Zombie

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Playlist 24-11-2023

Children Of Bodom – I’m shipping out to boston
Devil’s Train – American woman
Unisonic – A little time
Steel Panther – Don’t stop believin’
Von Boldt – Hound dog
Bloody Roots – Roots bloody roots
Burning Witches – Holy diver
Shock Treatment – Dancing in the dark
Pat O’May – Over the hills and far away
The Anix – In the air tonight
Ghost – Jesus he knows me
Upon This Dawning – Call me maybe
Debauchery – Fast as a shark

Sentenced – White wedding
Century – Dancing with tears in my eyes
Avalanch – Hell patrol
Dali Van Gogh – Dragula
Mind The Gravity – I was made for loving you
Embraze – I was made for loving you
Faster Pussycat – Wonderwall
James Rivera’s Metal Wave – Black celebration
Pissing Razors – Domination
Ten Masked Men – A view to a kill
Veil Of The Serpent – Burning times
Last Autumn’s Dream – Rebel rouser
Godflesh – For those about to rock

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Playlist 17-11-2023

Alter Bridge – Addicted to pain
Airbourne – Breakin’ outta hell
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Strike the match
Burning Witches – Maneater
Nervosa – Jailbreak
Slayer – Dead skin mask
Forbidden – Step by step
Overkill – Scorched
Sodom – Victims of death
Gama Bomb – Mask of anarchy
Angelus Apatrida – Cold

Raven – Surf the tsunami
NeverSanity – The wild hunt
Sons Of Eternity – In silence
Mercenary – Burning in reverse
Fallen Utopia – The work of giants
Hinayana – How many dreams
Aeolian – Dreams or reality
Darkane – Conspiracies of the flesh
Primordial – We shall not serve
Cult Of Luna – The silver arc

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Playlist 10-11-2023

Angra – Gods of the world
Halestorm – Mistress for christmas
Helmet – Big shot
Filter – Hey man nice shot
Therapy? – Nowhere
Sophie Lloyd – Do or die
NeverSanity – Stand my ground
Dragonland – At the inn of eamon bayle
Helloween – Mrs. God (live)
Tremonti – A world away
Immortal Guardian – Ozona
Primal Fear – Another hero
Pain – Here is the news

Unisonic – A little time
Signum Regis – Salt of the earth
Soen – Violence
Leprous – Silhouette
Haken – Prosthetic
Angelus Apatrida – To whom it may concern
Machine Head – Become the firestorm
Slipknot – All hope is gone
Gatecreeper – War has begun
Gama Bomb – Living dead in beverly hills
Tau Cross – Burn with me

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Playlist 03-11-2023

Immortal Guardian – Echoes
Apocalypse Conspiracy – Radioactive chaos
Sons Of Eternity – Media zombies
Judas Priest – Panic attack
The Giant Void – Dirty sinner
KK’s Priest – Reap the whirlwind
Von Boldt – Shame
Wrath Of God – Guantanamo
Iced Earth – Birth of the wicked
Destructor – Storm upon the world
Painkiller – Killdozer
Night Legion – Fight or fall

Till Lindemann – Altes fleisch
Alkaloid – Clusterfuck
Aortha – Last of our kind
Nail Within – Eyes of evil
Ural – Blood red sand
Insomnium – Flowers of the night
Aeonian Sorrow – Anemos
Décembe Noir – Sleepwalker
Rivers Of Nihil – Episode

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Playlist 20-10-2023

Judas Priest – Panic attack
Savage – Make my day
Alice Cooper – White line frankenstein
KK’s Priest – The sinner rides again
Von Boldt – Commit murder
Devils Henchmen – Bite back
Immortal Guardian – Lost in the darkness
Primal Fear – Another hero
Ghost Ship Octavius – Saturnine
Dyecrest – Oathkeeper
Sons Of Eternity – In silence
Iron Savior – Mask, Cloack and sword

Painkiller – Killdozer
Wrath Of God – Avenger angel
Angelus Apatrida – Snob
Aortha – Forging the locust
Machine Head – A thousand lies
Stitched Up Heart – To the wolves
Mayfire – Shadows
Lacuna Coil – Never dawn
Primordial – Death holy death
Bear – Defeatist

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Playlist 13-10-2023

KK’s Priest – Strike of the viper
Wrath Of God – Shoot ‘em!!
Von Boldt – Hallowed be my name
Refuser – Refuser
Powerstorm – Burning eyes
Aortha – Keep the dream
Devils Henchmen – Think like you
Evile – The mask we wear
Volbeat – Don’t tread on me
Soen – Unbreakable
Damnation Plan – Under the veil of sea

Arduinna’s Dawn – Ghost inside
Hyperborean Lore – The light of the black sun
Till The Dirt – Privilege
Meshuggah – Bleed
Emil Bulls – The devil made me do it
Ural – Heritage
Night In Gales – Transition to doom
Mercenary – Through the blackened hatred
Alkaloid – Qliphosis

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Playlist 29-09-2023

Clawfinger – Manic depression
Debauchery – 8 days a week
Blind Guardian – Don’t talk to strangers
My Ruin – Tainted love
Grip Inc. – Paint it black
Wolf – Die by the sword
Paragon – Die by the sword
Firewind – Little savage
Raven – Gimm some lovin’
Lizzy Borden – White rabbit
Helloween – Detroit rock city
End Of Green – Black no. 1
Machine Head – Message in a bottle
Flotsam And Jetsam – Saturday night’s alright for fighting

Powerwolf – Out in the fields
Morning Wood – Woman from tokyo
Atreyu – You give love a bad name
Rough Silk – Take a chance on me
Squealer – Enjoy the silence
Lacuna Coil – Enjoy the silence
Blood For Blood – Ace of spades
Mnemic – Wild boys
Amorphis – Light my fire
Holy Moses – Fight for your right to party
Stahlhammer – Out of the dark
Ensiferum – Breaking the law
Sinergy – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Faster Pussycat – You’re so vain

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