Playlist 23-02-2024

Sershen & Zaritskaya – Metalingus
Slice Of Sorrow – Rock the night
Who On Earth – Hold the line
Powerwolf – Bark at the moon
Integrity – Bark at the moon
The Secluded – Sweet dreams
Atland/Marcello Vieira/Sandrine Orsini – Easy lover
Wvnder – Mr. Brightside
Damnation Defaced – Phobia
August Burns Red – Wrecking ball
Keeping Secrets – Can’t stop the feeling
Doro – The four horsemen
True North/Loveless – Stay

UMC – Holding out for a hero
Shadow Cliq – Aerials
The Agonist – Take me to church
Where Giants Once Stood – The kids aren’t alright
Nomy – The kids aren’t alright
Velvet Chains – Suspicious minds
Lord Of The Lost – (I just) died in your arms
Our Last Night – Unholy
Heroes Like Villains – Shut up & dance
Diego Teksuo – Despacito
Phrenia – This is what you came for
Dimmu Borgir – Perfect strangers
Carpathian Forest – A forest

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Playlist 17-12-2021

Metallica – Engel
Blue Öyster Cult/Megadeth – For whom the bell tolls
Megadeth – These boots
NorthTale – Judas be my guide
Gwar – If you want blood (you got it)
Heidevolk – Vulgaris magistralis
King Diamond & Black Rose – Radar love
Entombed – Welcome home
Dark Tranquillity – Lady in black
Arch Enemy – Back to back
Raunchy – Last christmas
Tarja – Still of the night

Sepultura – Firestarter
Ministry – Iron man
Five Finger Death Punch – Mama said knock you out
Raintime – Beat it
Slayer – Born to be wild
Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory suicide
Volbeat – Return to none
Caliban – Blinded by fear
The Agonist – Take me to church
Burden Of Grief – Mouth for war
Kill The Lights – Into the pit
Lion’s Share – Knock on wood
Mob Rules – Raven’s flight
Disconnected Souls – Merry Xmas (war is over)

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