Playlist 09-06-2023

Nevermore – The sanity assassin
Red Cain – Fisher king
The Great Discord – Blood and envy
Lacuna Coil – Never dawn
Elegant Weapons – Horns for a halo
The Halo Effect – The path of fierce resistance
Hypocrisy – They will arrive
Vendetta – Black as coal
Trauma – Walk away
Holy Moses feat. Ryker’s – Through the veils of sleep
Slipknot – Medicine for the dead

Type O Negative – Halloween in heaven
Sylosis – Poison for the lost
Aetherian – Advent dreams
Vomitory – Piece by stinking piece
Cadaver – The age of the offended
Ringworm – No solace no quarter no mercy
Scar Symmetry – Chrononautilus
Kataklysm – Bringer of vengeance
Omnium Gatherum – Sacred
Burning Witches – Evil witch
Walk With Titans – Gods of the pantheon

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