Playlist 01-04-2022

Slash – April fool
Iron Maiden – Invaders
Tigers Of Pan Tang – A new heartbeat
Skull Fist – For the last time
Supreme Unbeing – The devil smiles
Iron Savior – Brothers of the past
Lionsoul – Amber of illusion
Wolf – The time machine
Circle Of Silence – Prisoner of time
Evil Invaders – Die for me
Municipal Waste – Grave dive
Anvil – Ghost shadow

Lamb Of God, feat. Dave Mustaine – Wake up dead
The Lone Wolf – Cancel the king
Palisades – Better
Bleed From Within – Levitate
The Halo Effect – Feel what I believe
Superdeathflame – Darkest mind
Urkraft – I got blood
Slaegt – Hunt again
Carnareum – Fortify
Cancer Bats – Pressure mind
Dream Widow – The sweet abyss
Omelas – Burning queen

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