Playlist 08-09-2023

Firewind – I am anger
Primal Fear – Play a song
Borealis – Pray for water
Soen – Icon
Signum Regis – Alt of the earth
Dycrest – Man made god
Stitchd Up Heart – Possess me
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned for sacrifice
Asinhell – Fall of the loyal warrior
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Heidevolk – Raidho

Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Oomph! – Nichts wird mehr gut
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Marduk – Coffin carol
Graveworm – We are the resistance
The Wounded – Bricklayer
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Atlases – Eyelids of the new dawn
Crowbar – The fear that binds you

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Playlist 18-08-2023

Alice Cooper – White line frankenstein
Raven – Surf the tsunami
Firewind – Overdrive
Theocracy – Return to dust
Painkiller – Four horsemen
Angelus Apatrida – Cold
Vendetta – Stranglehold of terror
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Undead Corporation – God of leaf
Lacuna Coil – Never dawn
Amaranthe – Damnation flame

Cyhra – If I
Refuser – Jason
Lancer – Blind Faith
Bloodbound – Drink with the gods
Heidevolk – Drink met de goden (Walhalla)
Amon Amarth – Put your back into the oar
Bloodshed Walhalla – Fly my raven
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Sargassus – King of the sun

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Playlist 17-12-2021

Metallica – Engel
Blue Öyster Cult/Megadeth – For whom the bell tolls
Megadeth – These boots
NorthTale – Judas be my guide
Gwar – If you want blood (you got it)
Heidevolk – Vulgaris magistralis
King Diamond & Black Rose – Radar love
Entombed – Welcome home
Dark Tranquillity – Lady in black
Arch Enemy – Back to back
Raunchy – Last christmas
Tarja – Still of the night

Sepultura – Firestarter
Ministry – Iron man
Five Finger Death Punch – Mama said knock you out
Raintime – Beat it
Slayer – Born to be wild
Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory suicide
Volbeat – Return to none
Caliban – Blinded by fear
The Agonist – Take me to church
Burden Of Grief – Mouth for war
Kill The Lights – Into the pit
Lion’s Share – Knock on wood
Mob Rules – Raven’s flight
Disconnected Souls – Merry Xmas (war is over)

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Playlist 13-04-2018

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Playlist 23-02-2018

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Playlist 19-01-2018

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 19-01-2018 1: Earthless Gifted by the wind Black heaven Nuclear blast Corrosion Of Conformity The luddite No cross, no crown Nuclear blast Black Veil …

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Playlist 25-08-2017

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 25-08-2017 1: Dead Lord Kill them all In ignorance we trust Century media Burnt Out Wreck Swallow Swallow Self released Hellfueled Where angels die …

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Listen to this show: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Metal Warehouse 16-10-2015″ autoplay=”1″] >Music: 1: Saxon Battering ram Battering ram UDR music Five Finger Death Punch No sudden movement Got your six eleven …

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