Playlist 23-06-2023

Jag Panzer – Bound as one
Red Cain – Fisher king
Saint Daemon – League of the serpent
Dragonheart – Dragonheart’s tale
Vision Denied – Two worlds collide
Gloryhammer – Sword lord of the goblin horde
Pyramaze – Broken arrow
Winterstorm – Circle of greed
Crossed Hearts – White lies
Vortex – Downfall
Fifth Angel – We are immortal

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – Schizophrenia
Narcotic Wasteland – The best times have passed
Desecrate – Time
Omnium Gatherum – Lovelorn
The Halo Effect – The path of fierce resistance
Scar Symmetry – Overworld
Exmortus – Beyond the grave
The Bleeding – Chemical lobotomy
Legion Of The Damned – Behold the beyond
Aetherian – Astral breath
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Reverend – Fortunate son

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Playlist 02-06-2023

Arch Blade – Nightbreed
Winterstorm – To the end of all known
Burning Witches – The dark tower
Heathen Kings – In the hall of the kings
Walk With Titans – Edge of time
Gloryhammer – Wasteland waarior hoots patrol
Saint Daemon – League of the serpent
Spirit Adrift – Death won’t stop me
Fireborn – Done with you
Vendetta – Stranglehold of terror
Fifth Angel – Resist the tyrant

Enforced – The quickening
Immortal – Return to cold
Kataklysm – Bringer of vengeance
The Halo Effect – The path of fierce resistance
Aetherian – At storm’s edge
Omnium Gatherum – Slasher
Insomnium – Starless paths
Saturnus – Breath new life
Cavalera – Morbid visions
Fear Factory – Depraved mind murder
Elegant Weapons – Horns for a halo

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