Playlist 02-02-2024

Grave Digger – Heavy metal breakdown
Rifforea – Sea of pain
Saxon – Hell, fire and damnation
Judas Priest – Crown of horns
Striker – Best of the best of the best
Scanner – Warriors of the light
Lucifer – The dead don’t speak
Therapy? – Knives
Ministry – Just stop oil
Dust Bolt – Disco nnection
Division Dark – Destination
Amaranthe – Re-vision
Dark Driven – Never mind the pain

Project Arcadia – Of sins, Part I: Envy
Graywitch – Children of gods
Burning Shadows – Born in a mourning hall
Ruthless – The fallen
Surgical trike – 24/7 hate
Exodus – Blacklist
Xion – Vision of the blind
Emil Bulls – She ain’t coming home no more
Any Given Day – Limitless
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Adler fliegen
Suicidal Angels – Purified by fire
Stories From The Lost – The smell of rain

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Playlist 18-02-2022

Halestorm – Back from the dead
Thundermother – Driving in style
The Great Discord – Blood and envy
Division Dark – (They’re all) hypocrites
Dagoba – City lights
Art Of Dying – Prisoner
Caliban – Dystopia
Amon Amarth – Put your back into the oar
The Defaced – Gilded hands
Generation Kill – Into the black
Among These Ashes – The dead beside us
Lesson In Violence – Thrash metal mankind
Kreator – Hate ├╝ber alles

Audrey Horne – Devil’s bell
Beriedir – Of dew and frost
The Ferrymen – One more river to cross
Crusade Of Bards – The red charade
Sabaton – The unkillable soldier
Rage – The age of reason
Annihilator – Downright dominate
Killrazer – The legions
Health – Cold blood (feat. Lamb Of God)
Nailed To Obscurity – Liquid mourning

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