Playlist 05-08-2022

Lion’s Share – Infernal soul
Tad Morose – Pandemonium
Megadeth – Night stalkers
Raptore – Phoenix
Crowned In Blood – Walk away
Gurd – To the floor
Trauma – End of everything
Assault – A blind eye
Exul – Fight for liberty
Zarraza – People of the lie
Idol Throne – Unholy warrior

Blind Guardian – Violent shadows
In Flames – The great deceiver
Arch Enemy – In the eye of the storm
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Rise Of Legends – Leviathan
Ambrius – The unavoidable path
Decembre Noir – The forsaken earth
Septic Flesh – A desert throne
Behemoth – The deathless sun
Dimmu Borgir – Perfect strangers

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Playlist 16-06-2017

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 16-06-2017 1: Anthrax Carry on wayward son Leftoverthrax Nuclear blast Avenged Sevenfold Malagueña Salerosa (La Malagueña) Malagueña Salerosa Capitol Paddy And The Rats One …

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Listen to this show: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Metal Warehouse 15-01-2016″ autoplay=”1″] >Music: 1: Baroness Kerosene Purple Abraxan hymns Steak Number Eight It might be the lights Kosmokona Indie recordings The Fifth …

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