Playlist 26-05-2023

Hearse – Metal meltdown
Children Of Bodom – Don’t stop at the top
Faster Pussycat – You’re so vain
Backyard Babies – Babylon
Hammerfall – I want out
Lord – I want out
Vision Divine – Take on me
Dark Tranquillity – Bringer of torture
Saxon – Substitute
Atreyu – Livin’on the edge
Burning Witches – I wanna be somebody
Dissaray – Cowboys from hell
Tygers Of Pan Tang – Tush
Altar – Fast as a shark

Modified – Running up that hill
L7 – Hanging on the telephone
Pink Cream 69 – Looks that kill
Norther – Smash
Overkill – Deuce
Sentenced – The trooper
Vital Remains – The trooper
The Crown – Arise
Skid Row – Holidays in the sun
Thyrfing – Over the hills and far away
Anthrax – Cowboy song
Vicious Rumors – Paint it black
Corrosion Of Conformity – On the hunt
Host – I ran

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Playlist 03-03-2023

Metallica – If darkness had a son
Powerwolf – No prayer at midnight
Hollow Hour – Deafening
Motive Black – Lift me up
Saint – Dance of the gods
Nightborn – Grave madness
Morphetik – Death incarnate
Heathen Foray – Oathbreaker
In Flames – State of slow decay
Neaera – False shepherds
Enslaved – Congelia

Kamala – Karma
Próxima – The drop
Enforced – Coming alive
Eleison – The hymn of willows
Overkill – The surgeon
Skroetbalg – Ie leest de happinez
Atreyu – My own summer
Delve Into Darkness – Scream of the banshee
Thermality – Grim reaper
Dead Sun – The shape from out the shadows
Dystopia AD – Imperial dawn

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Playlist 24-02-2023

Edguy – Cum on feel the noise
Benedictum – Balls to the wall
Megadeth – Strange ways
Alcohólica – All I have to do is dream
Machine Head – South of heaven
Lord – Send me an angel
Atrocity – Send me an angel
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth criminal
The CNK – Weißes fleisch
Iron Savior – This flight tonight
Firewind – Maniac
Great White – Diamonds and rust
Blind Guardian – You’re the voice

Hammerfall – My sharona
Savage Circus – Ça plane pour moi
Freedom Call – Dr. Stein
Iron Maiden – Doctor doctor
Atreyu – Guitar gangsters and cadillac blood
Children Of Bodom – Rebel yell
Dope – Rebel yell
Halestorm – Slave to the grind
Iced Earth – Highway to hell
Dan Swanö – Melissa
Redemption – Turn it on again
Rise Against – Any way you want it
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet – He’s back (The man behind the mask)

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Playlist 02-07-2021

Manimal – The inevitable end
Ivory Tower – Life will fade
Helloween – Indestructible
Enforcer – Kiss of death
Lord Of The Lost – The gospel of judas
Hangman’s Chair – Cold & distant
Within Temptation/Annisokay – Shed my skin
Kevin Parallax – Perplexing emotions
Machine Head – Rotten
Perfect World – My life runs out
Sick Of It All – When the smoke clears
Hatebreed – Set it right (start with yourself)
Atreyu – Blind deaf & dumb

Fractal Universe – Falls of the earth
Carcass – Kelly’s meat emporium
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Nachtblume
Thyrfing – Järnhand
Pestilence – Sempiternvs
Paradox – The visitors
Reaktion – Rainy fridays city
Evile – War of attrition
Sodom – Surfin’ bird
Ellefson – Sheer heart attack
Burning Witches – Dragon’s dream
Brainstorm – Where ravens fly

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Playlist 09-11-2018

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Playlist 26-10-2018

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 26-10-2018 1: Shining Smash it up Animal Spinefarm Disturbed Are you ready Evolution Reprise Starbreaker Pure evil Dysphoria Frontiers Holter The last generation Vlad …

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Playlist 31-08-2018

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