Playlist 25-03-2022

The Animal In Me – Wrecking ball
Reckless Love – Bark at the moon
Kapitur – Roots bloody roots
Throw The Fight – (I just) died in your arms
Game Zero – Don’t you (Forget about me)
Antrax/Public Enemy – Bring the noise
Five Finger Death Punch – House of the rising sun
Machine Head – Message in a bottle
The Used – Burning down the house
Pain – Elenear rigby
Messora – Closer
Iron Savior – Crazy
Alestorm – In the navy

Norther – Tornado of souls
Seething Akira – Intergalactic
3Teeth – You spin me round (like a record)
Death Blossoms – I ran (so far away)
Hostage – Don’t let me down
Heaven Below – Major tom
Bleeding Out The Rage – Satellite
Eisbrecher – Skandal im sperrbezirk
Mammother – Do you call my name
Thunder And Lightning – Hungry eyes
Hidden Intent – Altar of sacrifice
One-Way Mirror – Relax
Tragedy – Evil / Baker street

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